My lifelong goal has been to educate and impact the lives of my students. I have nearly 30 years’ experience as an educator. For my dedication and excellence in teaching, I was awarded the Teachers’ Excellence Award in Singapore and was promoted to the Associate Member of Ministry of Education.

Over the years, I have worked with a number of organisations, including as a Head Teacher of English for five years in ACT, QLD and NSW, Head Teacher of SOSE (HSIE) for two years in ACT, Teacher of Literature in Singapore, Sessional Lecturer at ACU (Canberra), ITE (Singapore) and a member of Australian College of Educators (MACE).

I have been the winner of several awards and Postgraduate scholarships from University of Canberra, Australia. This was followed by offers to give workshops on ‘How to Identify Underachieving Students, Differentiated Learning, Visual Literacy, History Repeats as well as develop a Reading Program used in Singapore.  I have several publications including A Learning Environment for a Sustainable Future which I presented at the APEID-UNESCO Conference, Bangkok. I have been a Consultant and Presenter for Educational Software at Infoland Educational Software Singapore.

Dr Lynne Vey

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